Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Ray of Sunshine.......

We have a new addition to our family..... well, until the 25th! Derick is here visiting with us while his mommy and daddy are taking a little vacation! We have had so much fun with him. He has made lots of new friends and already the kiddos come over and ask, "Can Derick come and play"?!! The kids were excited to get online and learn a few "signs" so they are able to speak to Derick. He loves the mirror and making everyone laugh. He loves to dance and sing to the HSM Wii.... hmmm I wonder where he has heard those songs before? :) It's so much fun to watch Landon and Derick interact...... Landon can't wait to go in his room in the morning and start their day of play! Derick absolutely loves Roxy dog and Roxy adores Derick.... He loves to sit with her and lay on her belly! She is just excited to have so much attention! I love the random hugs I get just for smiling at Derick. He is an amazing little boy with a really big heart. Our family is so blessed to have Derick in our home for a bit..... he has made such an impression on the kids not to mention Alan and I! Derick ROCKS!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Falling behind.....

I have fallen way behind on keeping up with my bloggin'..... I know each and everyone of you are just completely upset over it! :) Here goes an attempt to catch you up on the last few weeks......

- Alan and I took another trip to Las Vegas to catch the Kenny concert.... it was really amazing, especially our seats..... We stayed at the MGM and had a total blast. Took in the O show on Saturday night and lounged by the pool.... took advantage of the IN and OUT burger on our way home!
- Daybreak Elementary carnival was totally fun. The kids got wristbands and was able to ride and slide and even climb all they wanted. Our plans were to stay for maybe an hour but it turned into 3.... they had way tooooo much fun!
- Oh the fun Stake Primary Activity...... It was all about the Book of Mormon and Mormon himself was even there... Makayla went as Sariah but Landon just went as the cool dude he is! It was really cute and the kids enjoyed it!
- Makayla, Abbey, Landon and I decided to stalk the HSM set..... we drove by and they were filming.... they would not allow photos to be taken but I.....
- We went to the Salt Lake Bee's game with Landon's baseball team... it was really lots of fun and we sat front row right behind the Las Vegas 51's pitchers and catchers... they were really nice and allowed me to take a few "extra-terrestial" photos! Bee's won, it was all good!
- After the game, we took a burger break at Hires Big H...... it's not a Whataburger but it was good!
- We took a trip to Park City to take advantage of the Alpine Slide..... fun fun fun we visited with our friends and the kids had fun playing with Gavin! Their front yard is a great background for some great pics!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I will be taking on Texas starting July 17. The kids and I will be flying to the grand ol' country of I mean state of TEXAS. I have girls camp end of July so the kiddos will be staying while I fly back to take on the bears and possible wolverines in Heber. I will then return to DFW on the 2nd of August to allow my family and friends to marvel in my presence until the 16th!!! :) I am soooooo excited! MJ said she was splitting her days as follows: 15 days with meme, 5 days with Savannah, 5 days with Jessica, and 5 days with Kenzie...... Landon says his entire vacations is split only between meme and Austin! As for me, I plan to be available for anyone who wishes to hang with me..... I enjoy the sun, shopping, late nights with lots of fun conversation, eating Whataburgers and Rosa's, scoping out QT for toe lovers, offending anyone in sight with my obnoxious sunglasses, monsters and milk duds, mc donalds french fries...please NO FRY SAUCE (nasty), and the occasional long walk on the beach or Arcadia park will do!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday family day!!! OH What fun!

After church we came home and had heated up pizza for lunch and then, as we do every Sunday, took a nap!!! MMMMM so good. Of course our kids were not so excited about the nap thing and ended up watching church movies for an hour..... The weather is absolutely beautiful right now so we decided to take advantage of it and take a little road trip to Temple Square to see all the beautiful flowers. We had such a great time and it was ALL of us for the first time in a long time. Having a teenager we don't have as many "complete family" days as we used to. So this day was very special...... take a look at out slide show and see if you recongnize anyone...... besides us of course!!! ENJOY....we sure did!