Sunday, March 23, 2008


What a beautiful day here in South Jordan..... sunny and 55! We decided to get a family picture while we are lookin' fine! :) We feel really blessed to have all that we have. We often take for granted the things we have been given by our Heavenly Father! Although we miss our family and friends we know that we are where we need to be for now! Take a minute to stop and ponder the true meaning of Easter and why it is truly a marvelous time to celebrate and be thankful for all we have been given! You can't help but smile I'm sure! We are grateful for our family and friends and love you all very much!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So Friday marked the day of "Becoming a legal Utard"..... yep I gots the license and all. What a beating..... it all started when Lauren lost her license last weekend.... and being the good driver she is, she didn't want to drive without her DL. We went to the DLD (drivers license department, original eh?) The wait was 5 1/2 hours so we decided to go first thing Friday morning..... got there at 9 and out by 10:30..... I even had to take a test.... 21 out of 25 baby! I'm thinking if all Utards have to take a test then why are they such bad drivers???? I guess maybe they haven't renewed their license in a while! BTW...... the best part..... they let me keep my Texas license..... i almost cried when he told me I could keep it!!!

From Fairies to Leprechauns......

I am happy to say that WE are the experts at catching fairies and now on our way to catching a Leprechaun. The kids are in the process of building a Leprechaun trap... Can anyone guess what it involves and what color it may be? We will let you know how it goes..... The fairies seem to be a little jealous of the Leprechauns so we may have a war on our hands..... omheck..... what is wrong with me?

Another Parent/Teacher YOOHA....

I have to say I am really impressed about how on top of things the teachers are here. They have conferences every quarter and they sit down with her each time reports come out to explain grading and if there are any concerns. They have the kids make goals they want to accomplish before the next quarter ends. Landon is close to recieving his Distinguished Dolphin award and that is awesome considering they started late in the school year. Makayla is excelling in Reading and Math. I was a little worried when we got here that they may fall behind but it really seems to be the opposite. They have been put into classes to accommodate their acedemic needs...(that made me sound really smart but it actually came from a teacher!) Makayla has been marked THE social butterfly in her class. Landon has been marked THE kid with the cool hair! lol :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

There is so much to tell......

I promised to keep up with this better and for some reason time has passed me by. So I will consolidate that last few weeks into this one blog post....hope you can keep up! It will go in order!
We were able to attend our neighbors baptism a few Saturdays ago. It was really special. These are the neighbors that were first to welcome us into the area. I at the time assumed they were members and many times opened mouth and inserted foot about church. Their family started coming back to church the Sunday we were here---- BODY BAR...anyone.... I have been taking a class called Body Bar at the community center. It's quite a workout and yes I am very sore afterwards. It's lots of fun and its 7:30am-8:30am on Saturdays.... so i feel I have started my weekend off right!!---
Lauren was in Texas for a visit recently. She was able to see most of her friends and attend drill team competition in Burleson! While she was gone I went to her parent teacher conference. I was quite impressed considering I could never get her teachers to respond to me at Central. All the teachers at Bingham were available for 2 days in the gym. They all were set up in ABC order and we could go and discuss our kids grades.... grades are good....attendance not so much! She's working on it though!
Here at Daybreak elementary they have something called a "walking report card" for the kindergarteners. I didn't know what to expect but was quite impressed again. I went in and was able to sit with Landon for 1 1/2 hours seeing what he had learned by watching him complete a 7 page packet that included reading/comprehension, math with adding and subtracting and a couple of multplication problems, 2 word problems, and discoving he is apparently reading on a second grade level. I am really impressed with the schools so far... I was a little worried but they say that we are in a good area for schools.
We as a family were able to take a drive up to little cottonwood canyon and check out where the pioneers took the granite from the side of the mountain to build the SLC temple. We saw mountain goats as well..... it was a nice experience. We topped our day off by eating at the infamous Guadalahonkey's a Utah favorite for Mexican food, on a scale from 1-5 I give it a 3!
The kids and I went swimming at the South Jordan Rec center. It's like Keller point with the indoor slides and fountains. We had so much fun, the weird part, it was snowing while we were swimming...
Our Stake conference was interesting.... Alan was asked to give the opening prayer and Elder Pingree of the seventy was there. It was a great conference and was really focused on the youth which was awesome!
It got really warm here like 45 or so, we decided to roast marshmellows and make smores outside with our fire pit. It was so much fun.... the whole courtyard came out and the kids played!
Alan went to Nashville last week for the Coutry Radio Seminar... he was able to see some of his friends in the business and participate on a panel for texting. It was a fast trip and he was back in time for the Rascal Flatts concert which Landon and I attended. It started out with the whole family going then Lauren got a date, Makayla was invited to spend the night with a friend so Landon and I drove to Sandy and hopped on the TRAX to head to SLC. He was so excited to ride the train. The concert was awesome and I saw Jackie from afar... we waived and texted back and forth!!!
We had our enrichment Tuesday night, it was the RS bday party.... we all wore out PJ's and had pizza and ice cream, played "I NEVER", mixed and mingled.... it was fun!
We have been cooking out alot thanks to the weather...
The Buckle opened up in the district...... working details to come!!!
I finally signed Landon up for baseball. I saw signs that said "BINGHAM BASEBALL" sign ups call a certain number..... I talked to the baseball coach at Bingham and he referred me to the right person......long story short, Landon ended up on the same team as Sprencer, our neighbor whose dad was just baptized!!!

WHOOOOO! More to come later!!

I want to ride my bicycle.....

Congratulations to Landon on riding his bike as soon as we took his training wheels off. He got a bike for Christmas from Santa.... the other day we took his training wheels off and he litally took off.... He is so proud and so are we!